Biomimicry is the Future of Business

When I read this article on organizational evolution, the first thing I did was read it again. It’s very inspiring and on-point. I’ve been writing about biomimicry a lot, and it’s because I see it as an essential component of the future of leadership, business, creativity, and more.

Here are some of my views, expressed better than I could articulate myself, from author Giles Hutchins:

“Firms of the future are self-managing and organic in nature, and are decentralized, distributed, diverse, locally attuned, purpose-drive, soulful, life-supporting organizations. They are flourishing enterprises in that they provide space for the stakeholders to realise their full potential in a thriving work environment. People manifest their sense of purpose through the organisation’s delivery capability and network of relations. Work is an enjoyable essentiality of realizing one’s journey of discovery. Locally attuned, self-organizing teams of empowered, diverse stakeholders form a blend of full-time and part-time employees, self-employed associates, contractors, suppliers, customers, partners and interested parties of volunteers involved in the project team’s scope. The organization’s boundaries are semi-permeable with a hive of open innovation, creative commons, open source, peer-to-peer working as well as synergistic partner relations both globally and locally with community groups, activists, specialists and charities.”



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