Workplace Benefits of Mindfulness

Ever feel like your mind is wandering? Well, you’re not alone.

I learned mindfulness techniques a couple of years ago and apply them in my work at Alchemus Prime, applying our science-based model.

In a previous post, I wrote about how meditation increases, yes, increases, grey matter. In this one, I’ll summarize how mindfulness benefits us at work.

A recent blog on mindfulness featured by The London School of Economics’ Business Review describes much of the research on the benefits of mindfulness practices in professional settings. I’ll summarize it using excerpts. Why? Because the research is so delicious to read and I can’t say it better :-)

Mindfulness means being in the present moment with our full, non-judgmental attention. This is a non-trivial endeavor, but becomes easier with practice over time.

Meditation can help us be more productive by reducing the wandering of the mind:

…research suggests your mind wanders about 50% of the time…Meditation lowers activity in the brain region responsible for attention lapses, cutting these by up to 50%. 


Mindfulness can help us make better decisions:

Mindfulness guards against the unconscious reactions that produce irrational decisions. Indeed, meditators make more rational decisions and avoid common decision errors, such as continuing to spend money on losing projects or reacting emotionally to unfair situations. 

Mindfulness can lengthen and enhance our careers:

Internationally-recognized research teams have shown mindfulness slowing biochemical aging, including reducing inflammation and preserving DNA health. Other studies show mindfulness may strengthen disease resistance and immune system functioning. Remarkably, mindfulness may even slow the decay of brain tissue connections from aging. Like a road with fewer potholes, meditators have younger-looking brains with fewer gaps between neurons that may interrupt effective focus and thought.

I grew up in Fiji where the roads have many potholes, so I’ll take a road with fewer of them, and a brain with fewer focus gaps, any day!

In a nutshell, you and your team cannot afford not to meditate. Start a mindfulness practice today and reap the rewards for the rest of your career, and life.


Mindfulness meditation has myriad benefits for the workplace, including better decision-making, increased performance, and career longevity.






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