Engagement Programs Boost CSR

As Alchemus Prime becomes more involved in corporate engagement through AZENTIVE, it’s important for us to understand and communicate the importance of engaged employees.

Engaged employees in a caring corporate culture take fewer sick days and are more productive. According to W.Scott Tew, Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability (CEES) at Ingersoll Rand, engaged employees can help strengthen corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives for companies.

Tew’s advice is to allow employees to apply their own sustainable actions from home in the workplace and through green teams:

“By harnessing the motivating passion of employees and allowing them to work on projects near and dear to them, businesses are in a unique position to make corporate sustainability initiatives relevant to their staff’s day-to-day lives. Small, focused and passionate efforts made through employee engagement programs can make a big impact when viewed in the aggregate, highlighting the potential of these types of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.”

Ingersoll Rand, through green teams and in partnership with communities, has achieved significant results, including:

  1. Avoided 2 million metric tons of CO2 – the equivalent to the electricity used in 270,000 homes for a year.
  2. Saved more than 80 billion BTUs of energy;
  3. Saved nearly 6 million gallons of water; and
  4. Avoided sending more than 6 million pounds of waste to landfills.

In order to achieve such results, we need engaged employees. Engagement, in turn, requires good health, which means wellness should be a primary focus for organizations if they are to be strong leaders in corporate social responsibility.

In short, healthy employees make healthy CSR contributions, but also healthy profits through their productivity. Win-wins all around; it’s how we roll.


Healthy employees are more engaged and can contribute better to company goals, including corporate social responsibility. At Alchemus Prime, we embrace nature as a path to wellness; this is a picture of one of our retreats at Big Bear Lake.

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