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Building on my recent post about Career Manifestation, I want to mention the importance of taking a leap of faith versus playing it safe. I’ve come under fire in the past from family for taking the risk to start Alchemus Prime, simply because my career steps didn’t jive with what they have always known: 9 to 5 in a “stable” company or government organization.

A false sense of security lies in what we are often told by well-meaning loved ones, for example: “stay in the job with that large company, at least you’ll be covered till you find something better.” What may have been true for our parents’ generation simply isn’t true in today’s world. Layoffs are rampant in large corporations. Nothing is certain.

According to LinkedIn Influencer and Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan, playing it safe these days is the riskiest career move ever. This resonates with the Alchemus Prime philosophy of being your true self first, and gaining a sense of inner security that empowers you to handle external changes without fear to maintain an edge in the face of constant change.

Liz Ryan’s advice may seem radical to some, but it’s spot on for a ceaselessly changing job environment:

“Your security is in your ability to bob and weave in the talent marketplace and to keep growing your muscles all the time. The more people who know what you’re good at, the more marketable you are – so why stay at a job where there are no more people to meet, and where you can’t learn anything more than you already know? …

That security doesn’t come from hunkering down at your current job and hoping against hope that you keep the job for a long time. How could you plan your future that way, or even get a good night’s sleep?”

Indeed, in a culture where your ability to thrive depends on how well you adapt to change, isn’t it time to embrace change itself? That is your best strategy. Yes, it’s difficult, but it begins with identifying and embracing your true self – who you really are. That includes releasing everything you’re not, and celebrating your talents, skills, passions, goals, and dreams.

Once you know who you are and embody that truth, it will become easier and much more enjoyable to work in the ways you want, inviting change and the opportunities it brings your way. And, speaking of sleep, our Career Manifestation Program helps you free up your time, so there’s nothing you have to do, only what you love and have fun doing. Now that lifestyle is worth a leap of faith, because playing it safe would never allow you to grow to your full potential.


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Manifesting a career that frees up your time to do what you love requires a leap of faith, and a lasting commitment to your true self.

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