AZENTIVE: Partnership Launch

I’ve been hinting for a while about Alchemus Prime’s collaborations in the commercial building energy efficiency sector. I’m pleased to now make the official announcement about our partnership, AZENTIVE, which launched on October 5, the inaugural National Energy Efficiency Day.


AZENTIVE is an inventive, adaptive, and collective approach to resource efficiencies, cost savings, improved return on investment, and enhanced productivity and wellness. We offer these results through the integration of behavioral sciences, proven and cutting-edge technologies, health and wellness initiatives, and innovative business practices. Our mission is to:

“…empower people, businesses, and communities to eliminate wasted resources by integrating behavioral sciences, technologies, policy solutions, and business practices.”

In an era where wellness is becoming of paramount importance from employee and employer perspectives, it’s time to address the 90% of expenses that relate to employees. Through AZENTIVE’s integrative services, clients achieve benefits and savings across many facets of their work: ROI, building operational costs, resource optimization (energy, water, air, waste), wellness and productivity, corporate social responsibility, healthcare insurance, and sustainability goals.

Kat A. Donnelly, Founder and CEO of AZENTIVE.

Kat A. Donnelly, Founder and CEO of AZENTIVE.

AZENTIVE is headed by Kat A. Donnelly, a nationally-known, MIT-trained behavior change, technology, and strategy expert. Our team is eclectic, with a wide range of expertise areas, spanning behavioral, social and building sciences, wellness and public health, technology and design, real estate, materials science, and finance.

Alchemus Prime provides business development, strategy, behavior change, technology, intellectual property, real estate, corporate governance, public health and wellness, as well as design and creative expertise and support. Our partnership with AZENTIVE is founded on shared core values, including trust, teamwork, integrity, mindfulness, and strong scientific foundations.

Through AZENTIVE, we are currently building strategic alliances that leverage existing knowledge, technologies, and resources to achieve large scale greenhouse gas emission reductions and improved wellness across workplaces in the U.S., and then the world. Ambitious, yes, but the current climate change situation calls for conscious approaches that are grounded in sound science. That’s a win-win.

We are very excited to launch AZENTIVE, for healthy profits, people, and places. Check out our website for more about us, and our blog for what’s current in the AZENTIVE world.


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