Manifesting Career Success

At Alchemus Prime, one of our specialties is assisting people at any career stage with goal fulfilment. We recently launched our Career Manifestation Program which consists of retreats, follow-up, and coaching to ensure win-win frameworks and solutions for meeting personal, family, community, Earth, as well as professional and monetary goals.

We believe that like most endeavors in life, career manifestation is a behavioral undertaking. Our behaviors must be aligned with our goals. For example, if your goal is to be a musician and you spend two hours a month rehearsing your instrument, you will not get very far. It sounds deceptively simple but can be very difficult thanks to perceived and real barriers that hold us back.

Self-development expert Carl Preston writes that successful and productive people are characterized by certain habits they give up from their daily routines. Therefore, it’s just as important to NOT do what impedes us as it is to do what advances us toward our goals. Four of Preston’s habits stand out as especially relevant to the Alchemus Prime Diamond Model: most successful people give up 1) their comfort zone, 2) lying to themselves, 3) living in the past, and 4) their fear of asking for help.

Our model integrates science-based tools from different bodies of knowledge to achieve authentic and transformative leadership with win-win solutions for people and planet. Particularly relevant for career manifestation are the behavioral sciences (changing what we do to bring ourselves in better alignment with our goals), with support from the other three pillars of our model (design thinking, biomimicry, and meditation).

Examining four of the key habits that successful people give up reveals the salient benefits you can accrue from ditching misaligned, harmful behaviors and switching to aligned, helpful behaviors:

  1. Give up your comfort zone– when what you’ve been doing isn’t working, and you know because you aren’t seeing results or because you have no free time to do what you really want to do, it’s time to step away from that loop and venture into new territory. Infusing uncertainty and novelty into your routine, or completely changing your paradigm might be what’s needed. Imagine what would have happened if Mark Zuckerberg had never tried out the idea for Facebook, because it seemed too new or too different…
  1. Stop lying to yourself– when you aren’t achieving your goals, it is time to be honest about the fact that things aren’t going as you planned and hoped. This honesty helps you to stop making excuses and denying reality, which are first steps to inviting innovation and change. Once you accept where you are, no matter how uncomfortable that position is, you open the door to embracing your integrity and beginning again with a more authentic self and a new design for your life.
  1. Stop living in the past– while it’s crucial to learn lessons from your past experiences, you need not live there. In fact, the past can become very restrictive when it’s time to try out new opportunities and markets for success. For example, if you come from a past that was disadvantaged, that need not hold you back from generating multiple income streams and strategic alliances that support your goals now so you can live the exact life you’ve been dreaming about. At Alchemus Prime, we will help you learn from the past, define were you want to be, and empower you to establish the right pathways to get there.
  1. Stop being afraid to ask for help– stop worrying about being judged as not smart or independent or resilient enough. Stop being afraid to fail or to admit that you made a mistake. Sometimes your education, or parental advice, or dominant economic wisdom fails you; the formulaic life doesn’t fit what’s inside you, and you’re afraid to stand out or lose face. And, you wonder what went wrong, you feel stuck or trapped, and the last thing you want to do is ask for help. And yet, that is the very moment to reach out for help, because a changing world demands changing strategies and an adaptive and flexible mindset. You’ve already been taking risks, although it it feels “safe” because it’s currently the dominant paradigm. What worked before or what some authority told you should work may not work now or in the future despite your best intentions and abilities, because everything is changing at a dramatic pace. The patterns you have followed before need to be broken to discern new and more viable patterns that will work. It requires you to step outside yourself and see your life with fresh eyes. To do that, you need new eyes and viewpoints. Unabashedly ask for advice, and invite divergent perspectives to help you overcome obstacles and more effectively make difficult decisions to navigate the terrain of your life and career while keeping your own goals squarely in your sights.

Success and productivity are most often functions of behavior change. If you haven’t achieved all your goals yet, feel like you don’t have time for what you love to do, or don’t know what your next step might be, it’s clearly time to change your behavior to align your daily actions better with your goals.

As John C. Maxwell pointed out:

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”


Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerberg is a good example of how to step outside one’s comfort zone and lead into a new paradigm.


*Written by Marilyn Cornelius and Sundarajan Mutialu

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