Music Eases Physical Pain

Sundarajan and I recently wrote a post on the myriad healing benefits of music, which is supported by this excellent overview of relevant research on the effects of music on adults. A new study on children indicates that when they choose the music they want to listen to post-surgery, they feel less physical pain; the mechanism is reduction of anxiety. Listening to stories of their choice also eases pain and by the same amount, about the equivalent of taking Tylenol. The results of this study suggest that children can reduce the amount of painkillers they take post-surgery. Good news for children and peace of mind for parents.

With Sundarajan being a musician and music producer, and given my ongoing affair with dancing, we at Alchemus Prime incorporate appropriate music into our services to provide optimal cognitive, emotional, and vibrational enhancement during our workshops and retreats. It’s affirming to continue to find research that supports our approach.



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