Eat Animals: My New Book

Oh, the missing first word in that title: Don’t

Think of a new X-Men character who enhances every meal into a plant-based meal. Then realize: that character is you.

Now, what does this have to do with anything, much less my new book, you might ask.

Well, this:

Recently I wrote a guest post for Asking Nature, the Biomimicry Institute’s blog. In that piece, I shared why a transition to a plant-based diet is a life-affirming and survival-oriented mutant behavior. Yes, Wolverine, we’re talking about regeneration – of forests, silly! Plant-based living allows humans, animals and entire ecosystems to thrive together, while addressing the climate, drought, food insecurity, land degradation, extinction, lifestyle disease and other related challenges.

Plant-based living is the strongest win-win solution we at Alchemus Prime can think of, based on the science that is currently available. According to the BBC, the Governator also recently recommended we all become at least part-time vegetarians to protect the planet, so he is in agreement with the science as well.

I’m not making this stuff up! What I have made up, though, is a cookbook filled with recipes from my own experience that are biomimetic in the sense of drawing inspiration from nature and aligning ingredients with Life’s Principles in at least the following ways:

  1. Adapting to Changing Conditions: these recipes are designed to be adaptive to the resources you have, including a list of variations that make them easy to improvise and change based on changing circumstances, while staying within the parameters of being earth-friendly;
  2. Evolving to Survive: the ingredients have evolved, with my help, to use plant-based ingredients that are more aligned with nurturing all life and reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  3. Becoming Resource Efficient: Plant-based foods are much more efficient to produce than animal-based foods, so it makes sense to use fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and legumes to satisfy our appetites for food and, as it turns out, for our health too.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. It’s called Food of Love, and it’s now available via the Alchemus Prime website.

The front cover of my biomimetic recipe book, Food of Love, available now through Alchemus Prime.

The front cover of my biomimetic recipe book, Food of Love, available now through Alchemus Prime.

I welcome your feedback once you’ve read the book and explored some of the playful creations therein. Together, let’s craft the future of intelligent planetary and personal wellness, and have fun doing it!

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