Zero Net Energy Home for Stanford Prof.

Mark Jacobsen, Stanford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Director of Atmosphere and Energy Program, is walking his talk. His new home is net zero energy, which means it produces as much energy as it uses.

According to The Mercury News:

Jacobson’s 3,200-square-foot, two-story home with 12-foot high ceilings near the Stanford Dish has a solar panel system that generates all the energy needed to power his house and cars. Energy is stored in Tesla Powerwall batteries in the garage. 

There is no gas line on the property.

The home is being built by BONE Structure, and is their first zero net energy home in California.  

Jacobsen is complying with California’s New Residential Net Zero Energy Action Plan 2015-2020, which requires zero net energy for all new homes by 2020. 

According to Greentech Media:

In California, homes consume nearly one-third of the energy used in the state. It’s not just single-family homes that California is trying to reinvent. The action plan also applies to multifamily homes of less than three stories and low-income housing.

While California’s focus is on power generation, energy use is also a big issue, because plug loads are the fastest growing category in which electricity is being used, which translates into residents’ behavior. A more holistic approach is also being called for by California, where water efficiency is also considered. This fits in well with what Alchemus Prime is working towards in the commercial buildings sector. Stay tuned for more.

California requires all new homes to be zero net energy by 2020.

California requires all new homes to be zero net energy by 2020. Solar panels and a storage system help make this feasible, as with Stanford Professor Mark Jacobsen’s new home.


  • Tamás Ortutay

    Hi Marilyn:-))

    I really admired the high tech Zero Net Energy Home. So I decided to email today my “drawings ” to you. The drawings about a low tech Zero Net Energy Home, a Turtle Home.
    I was inspired by the traditional turtle drawings, you gave me, when you visited us in Budapest.

    As always: T@M@S:-))

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