Your Country’s GHG Emissions

The World Resources Institute (WRI) has released an infographic that shows you what the greenhouse gas emissions for your country look like. You can click on”Top 10″ to see who those major polluters are, and then hit “reset” on the top right of the tool to go back to the original version. You can also click on any particular country to take a closer look at the sectors that contribute to emissions – for the U.S. the energy sector is by far the largest offender, followed by industry, agriculture, and lastly waste, but I could not find an explanation for how that is calculated. Clearly, it is not a life cycle analysis, because that would show that animal agriculture has a higher footprint than the other sectors.

You can spend a bit of time interacting with this tool – smaller countries are included but the graphic is too tiny to show their names. I found Tanzania, Libya, Yemen, and Haiti but not Fiji – see if you can find your country.

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