Year in Review: 2016

This past February, I wrote a post about how Alchemus Prime fared in 2015, and now it’s time to recap 2016. We’ve been busy bees this year, facilitating 15 career manifestation retreats, the last of which ends today. Our focus, broadly, has been on developing leadership in entrepreneurs, CEOs, scientists, and the C-suite; designing and implementing innovative business models; and formulating HR, marketing and operations strategies for our clients.

On the consulting front, we’ve built lasting relationships through our research and analysis, business development, marketing, and intellectual property development services.

A big highlight of 2016 was the launch of AZENTIVE, a strategic partnership focused on achieving integrated benefits across the financial, environmental, and social aspects of buildings and organizations. Working with strategic partners and directly with building owners, facility managers, C-suite executives, green teams, and communities, we create win-win solutions for all stakeholders. AZENTIVE applies Alchemus Prime’s Diamond Model to achieve scaled climate and wellness solutions through science-based employee engagement, health and wellness practices, cutting-edge technologies, and building system optimization.

With regard to publications, we have a forthcoming white paper describing the workplace engagement initiatives we’ve been supporting, and I’ve published four popular books this year, with a fifth on the way very soon – stay tuned.

Many of our clients and prospective clients ask us what we do exactly, since our range of services is so broad and integrated. To summarize our work over the past couple of years, we’ve created new content on our website that summarizes and explains some of the types of clients and projects we undertake. These samples of our work offer insight into how we apply the Alchemus Prime Diamond Model to every project to achieve win-wins for all stakeholders.

As we come to the close of 2016, we are excited about the limitless possibilities the future holds for Alchemus Prime. We are ready to create more powerful and fun change in the coming year and beyond. Ask us about our plans for 2017!

A sample of the types of retreats we conduct; this is an excerpt from our website page entitled "Examples of Our Work."

A sample of the types of retreats we conduct; this is an excerpt from our website page entitled “Examples of Our Work.”

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