Workplace Fairness Impacts Health

Recent research reveals that feeling like you are being treated fairly at work is associated with better health. Organizational behavior researchers at the University of East Anglia have found that when employees feel that their views are being heard, included, and respected (called procedural justice), they report better health.

One of the study authors, Dr. Eib, states:

“People who feel fairly treated are not only more likely to be motivated at work and go the extra mile for their organisation, but they are also more likely to be healthy, have an active lifestyle and feel positive.”

So, aside from health benefits, there are also behavioral benefits: increased motivation and commitment.

Fostering transparency and inclusivity in decision-making and other processes at work is likely to maintain a sense of team spirit as well by flattening the hierarchy, which I have written about in a previous post on design thinking.

With the enhanced motivation, health, and team bonding, an organization will function more optimally and produce better solutions. Win-win!


Feeling their views are heard and included is linked to employees' better health and motivation.

Feeling their views are heard and included is linked to employees’ better health and motivation.

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