Visionaries: Book Launch

This post serves to launch my fourth book, Visionaries.

As I reflect on the major inflection points in my life, I think about two very special mentors. The late Steve Schneider, my former advisor at Stanford, and Sundarajan, my current business partner and resident shaman. Both individuals have raised me closer and closer to my highest potential; both possess incredible intellect, kindness, humility and powerful visions for how the world can be.

To be touched by both of these genius minds and infinite hearts is an incredibly inspiring and humbling experience. As I sorted through the last several years of poetry, I decided to dedicate a book to these two amazing men. I knew Steve for five years, and I’ve known Sundarajan, better known as SIN, for just over two years but it feels like at least a few lifetimes.

When I met Steve, I realized that he was, by definition, a person who changed lives. Working with him, I would observe students leaving his office with their inner fire stoked, and their self-doubt replaced with excitement and confidence. He did the same for me, and encouraged me to write my first publication, pursue behavior change for my doctoral research, and experiment with everything to figure out the right path for me.

Similarly, SIN is a master manifestor – someone who sees what is and helps transform it into what can be. SIN entered my life at a time when I was losing trust in the world, and closing my heart. He became the lifeline that allowed me to remain open and to trust more than ever in myself, in him, and in a better world. He has a powerful knack for reaching into people and pulling out what holds us back, including ingrained subconscious patterns, and encouraging us to explore what our true self and authentic voice wants.

Through these two inimitable mentors, I’ve been blessed to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unburdening, and awakening. What I have received, and continue to receive from both of them is a priceless gift that makes my life more fulfilling than words can say. This book, Visionaries, attempts to put some of what I feel into words, and to describe the kind of mentorship that nurtures authentic leadership.The path is difficult, to be sure, but just as rewarding.

My previous poetry collections have explored other aspects of the science-based Alchemus Prime Diamond Model, which comprises behavior change, design thinking, biomimicry, and meditation, with the mission of harmonizing business and nature. The last book, Earth Champions follows a leader’s journey to discovering and honing her true self. Before that, we launched One Friend, which explores the perspectives of animals affected by climate change and factory farms, and the views of animal rights activists. My first book, Food of Love, encompasses my playful experiments with plant-based foods for optimal wellness. Our books present different perspectives of the broad vision we embrace: authentic leadership for planetary and personal wellness. 

Our fourth book, Visionaries, describes the kind of brilliant mentorship that nurtures true self and authentic leadership for the optimal wellness of people and planet.

Our fourth book, Visionaries, describes the kind of brilliant mentorship that nurtures true self and authentic leadership for the optimal wellness of people and planet.

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