Human Nature and Climate Change

From independent climate writer Lisa Bennett, and based on her interview research on why humans get so stuck on climate change, this list about human nature is very useful for anyone who is working on climate change communication or behavior change.

To summarize her points:

  1. We are overly optimistic about our future
  2. We don’t handle global scale very well
  3. We like to make counterarguments
  4. When confused, we succumb to peer pressure
  5. We dislike being reminded of our mortality, but can act to help those who are vulnerable
  6. We respond to risks only when we feel them
  7. Hope is more motivating than fear when it comes to social change
  8. We are likely to act when we know what we can specifically influence
  9. Believing our actions make a difference really helps
  10. We will not change our behavior until there is a viable alternative


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