Earth Champions: Book Signing

My books are expressions of how to achieve authentic leadership through Alchemus Prime’s science-based Diamond model. After the launch of Food of Love, One Friend, and most recently, Earth Champions, I decided it was time to honor the person without whom I would probably not publish anything for many years, or ever: my mom.

Whenever she encouraged me to publish, I would say that I didn’t know where to begin. She would simply shake her head and say “You must publish; you must share your poems.”

Well, now that it’s happening, thanks to this incredible journey I’m on with Alchemus Prime, I want her to experience the joy I feel as a result of expressing my inspirations. She will be here from Fiji to attend my second book signing, where I will engage in storytelling about the experiences that led to writing Earth Champions, and read some poems for you.

Earth Champions is a collection of poems describing how we journey from conformity to liberation; it’s about authentic leaders who serve our planet based on their true identity, passions, and purpose.

Next week, I will be celebrating my company’s anniversary, my belated birthday, and my published works with my mom. My book signing will take place in Berkeley on May 20 from 6 to 8pm; details are on this event page by Animal Place’s Vegan Republic, who have kindly invited me back. Swing by and share in the celebrations, get your copy signed, and browse through all three books. I look forward to seeing you!

The books are available via our website.










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