Earth Champions: Book Launch

This post serves to launch my third book; my second anthology of poetry. Called Earth Champions, it documents the journeys of authentic leaders who seek to serve the planet through their true selves and deepest passions.

I describe the process of becoming an Earth Champion via four chapters: True Self, Oneness, Obstacles, and Love. As these titles suggest, the process begins with a deep calling to be who we truly are, examining and transcending the confines of social and professional norms that inhibit originality, inspiration, and integrity. This inquiry into true self, and what it reveals, is followed by an almost overwhelming love for and connection with nature. Once on this path, Earth Champions face myriad obstacles in the form of old paradigms, belief systems, habits, and subconscious patterns. Overcoming these barriers helps Earth Champions cultivate love for all life, which shines in everything they do to revive and restore the planet.

Nurturing my true self in order to serve the planet has been my primary focus for several years. A few of my friends, colleagues and clients who have chosen this path form my Earth Champions community. It is not an easy decision to face ourselves and be true to our hearts in a world that wants us to fit into broken systems. However, it is a priceless gift to achieve what we are destined for: a life of purpose, a career filled with passion, and enjoyment in every single day.

For Alchemus Prime, the nurturing of Earth Champions is a bold commitment to authentic leadership, sustainable innovation, and transformative solutions; it is a commitment we fulfill through our Career Manifestation Program. Earth Champions serves as a poetic manual for how to navigate the journey to our true selves; I hope you will resonate with these inspired verses as you explore who you really are, and how you can thrive while uplifting all life.

Earth Champions is now available through Amazon’s CreateSpace.

My first poetry compilation, One Friend, explores the perspectives of animals affected by climate change and factory farms through poetry. My first book, Food of Love, encompasses my playful experiments with plant-based foods for optimal wellness. Our books serve to illustrate how we operationalize the science-based Alchemus Prime Diamond Model, which comprises behavior change, design thinking, biomimicry, and meditation with the mission of harmonizing business and nature.


Our third book, Earth Champions, describes the journey to true self, and is a poetic manual for the journey our clients bravely take through our Career Manifestation Program.



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