Climate Scientists Have Feelings Too

Ozy’s Meghan Walsh has written an engaging article on how climate scientists cope with the stress of their work. She consulted Terry Root, my former first year grad school advisor at Stanford and dear mentor and friend about her journey as a climate scientist who studies climate change-induced extinctions. The article includes praise for Alchemus Prime and our science-based model for achieving wellness and effectiveness for climate change and energy professionals and myriad other clients.

Thanks to Ozy and Meghan for choosing to focus on this very important topic: climate scientists are at the forefront of discovering, understanding, analyzing and communicating the harm we are doing to the planet. There are mental and emotional consequences of this work, which need to be addressed. After all, climate scientists are part of a valiant effort to save all life from destructive human behavior. There is no quest more important, more urgent, or more noble.


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