Book Launch: Meditation

My new book, Meditation: Inspired Moments, is about the possibilities that open up when we regularly take time to connect with our inner selves. As with other books published by Alchemus Prime, Meditation follows the Alchemus Prime Diamond Model and explores one of the most important tools for reaching the true self. Without meditation, we remain immersed in what happens, and fail to become the equanimous observer.

Of course, we’re all human, and it’s difficult to always be calm and serene. However, meditation provides a practice for cultivating spaciousness in our minds and compassion in our hearts.

I compiled and published this book for my cousin, soul sister, friend, and confidant, Stef. She and I are on a similar journey of self-love and awakening. As we both become more aware of our purpose and power, we find much joy in sharing our journeys with one another.

Stef recently celebrated a birthday, and is experiencing a beautiful blossoming into her true self, which includes her meditation practice. This book is to honor her. I also dedicate this book to my meditation teachers, who have taught me techniques to reach a quiet mind and to stay true to who I really am. I practice guided visualization, transcendental meditation (TM), and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). I am also going to learn Vipassana this spring, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

To my readers, you’ll enjoy this book if you’re interested in meditation, are learning how to meditate, or are already an experienced meditator. The book contains four chapters that delve into wholeness, mindfulness, rituals, and Reiki. Let me know how you meditate and what benefits you experience, or what you’d like to try.

You can purchase Meditations via Amazon.

Our new book describes the inspirations and benefits of meditating in different ways.

Our seventh book, published by Alchemus Prime, describes the inspirations and benefits of meditating in different ways.


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