Be Eco-Conscious for a Better Life

Sometimes you need a feel-good post that really resonates because it’s true…well this here is it! From Films for Action, this research-infused article expounds 10 reasons eco-conscious people are happier and enjoy life more, it’s because they are:

  1. Living life at a more local scale, ideally car-free to lower their carbon footprint
  2. Actually being part of an active community because they are living locally
  3. Being the power that transports them – bicycling for example
  4. Improving their connection to nature by spending more time outside
  5. Reducing choice to live more simply and meaningfully
  6. Becoming less materialistic
  7. Pursuing experiences they actually enjoy and have inner motivation to do
  8. Developing themselves to the point of self-actualization
  9. Developing society to be more compassionate and equitable
  10. Unifying themselves with the universe for a more whole and less egocentric worldview


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