Aging, Regrets, and Behavior Change

After my advisor died suddenly during my hospice volunteer training one summer, I came to a profound realization: death is a definitive transition point. You cannot go back. I started living my graduate student life differently, and making more time for the things I love instead of only being absorbed in my dissertation. Volunteering in hospice gave me even more perspective on life.

Of course, I love my work, so many people think I’m a workaholic, but my commitment comes from my values: I want to be a force for planetary thriving, climate stability, and wellness for all living beings. So, I immerse myself in my work at AZENTIVE and Alchemus Prime. Because I love it, it often doesn’t feel like work. I’m in the flow and I want to keep going. I’m aiming to feel that flow 100% of the time.

I recently came across a simple but profound article on the top 37 things one is likely to regret when one becomes old. Now, I have to say, many of these resonated with me. I will share my top three:

  1. Working too much. Surprise! I am taking three long breaks this year. The first is to receive Vipassana training via a 10-day silent retreat. This has been on my bucket list for about 12 years. For the other two, see #3.
  2. Not standing up for myself. I can candidly say I am getting better and better about this, and as a result, toxic people are leaving my life. Those who get to stick around don’t get to push me around either. RAWR.
  3. Not traveling enough. This is a tough one due to my carbon footprint, but I am going to meet my close friend of six years for the first time in Canada this year, and going to my niece’s wedding in Australia. Both mean the world to me, and I will not miss these moments for anything.

What are your aha moments and how will you change the way you live your life? Read the article and let me know. Life is here, now, and it’s time to live it on our own terms. Be yourself. Now. Yes.

The time to do more of what you love is NOW. Aim for a life without regrets.

The time to do more of what you love is NOW. Aim for a life without regrets. I took this picture while on the beach with the other Dr. Cornelius. She was doing what she loves most: communing with the ocean.

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