7 Levels of Corporate Mindfulness

While exploring one of my favorite topics, mindfulness, I recently read with interest the Barrett Values Centre’s paper on levels of organizational consciousness.

It’s a bit like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, modified for the corporate paradigm and with a focus on sustainable social and environmental action. Right up my alley!

What was affirming for me was that the highest level, Service, is about ensuring the present and future needs of the planet are met, a purpose we strongly embody at Alchemus Prime through our win-win framework. The next levels, Strategic Alliances, and Internal Cohesion, are also aspects we embrace for ourselves, and infuse into our partnerships, such as with AZENTIVE. 

The seven levels of corporate mindfulness, according to the Barrett Values Centre, are insightful for any organization. I’ve summarized them below:

Level of Organizational Consciousness Motivations
7 Service Corporate Social Responsibility: Service to the planet; sustainability focus; compassion, humility, and forgiveness.
6 Making a Difference Strategic Alliances: Building win-win partnerships for the benefit of the environment, deepening internal organizational cooperation between departments.
5 Internal Cohesion Strong Team Culture: Aligning employee motivations around a strong vision, mission and core values.
4 Transformation Adaptive Learning Mindset: Employees have a voice in decision-making, are accountable and responsible in their work, and co-create a culture that values personal growth, sharing of knowledge, and learning.
3 Self-Esteem Efficient Systems and Processes: Creating team pride in policies, procedures, and processes to create order, flow, and cohesion, avoiding the ills of hierarchy, complacency and ego.
2 Relationship Supportive Relationships: Fostering relationships that bring harmony, caring, and loyalty to the team, avoiding blame, internal politics, and unhealthy competition.
1 Survival Profit: Financial stability and shareholder value are priorities, along with occupational health and safety, while avoiding greed and short-term focus.

As we navigate ways to bring abundant, integrated solutions to the challenges of climate change and wellness, it is crucial to keep this insightful framework in mind. Corporate mindfulness allows an organizational level of integrity and commitment to the earth, which is the life support system for all professional endeavors and personal actions. Reflect on where your organization falls in this framework, and let’s chat about how to go deeper, reach higher, and become relentlessly resilient in this fight for a safer earth, happier people, and healthier profits.

The ultimate level of corporate consciousness is service to the earth.

The ultimate level of corporate consciousness is service to the earth.

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