4 Signs You’re an Earth Champion

While in Fiji I reconnected with several inspiring old friends. One of them, Beth, is a climate scientist who works relentlessly to build capacity in the Pacific, and leads many project and policy efforts to bring minority Pacific voices into the climate policy discourse. When we connected, we spoke a lot about taking the time to let the body catch up to the mind, allow time for rest and restoration, and how to navigate complex and often unfair processes with “developed” nations.

Another friend, Ana, is an anthropologist who consults on gender inclusion issues and teaches leadership workshops based on her own ongoing learning. We shared how both our professional development and inner growth priorities are helping us cope with life and work challenges, and how important mindfulness and reflection are for being present and making sound decisions.

With each of these friends, the conversation went to the myriad obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals, and then concluded with the importance of maintaining close relationships with our immediate family members, be they parents, offspring, or other close kin.

As I talked with these two powerful and talented women, I was reminded they are both Earth Champions, a topic I’ve written about extensively and a program I offer for leaders who want to hone their skills for people and planet.

Beth and Ana work tirelessly to make the world a better place from their own expert lenses, but they don’t stop there. Let’s look at the four characteristics of Earth Champions:

  1. Integrity: Earth Champions are first and foremost, true to themselves. They know who they are and why they are on this planet. This sense of purpose drives them to serve.
  2. Oneness: In life and work, Earth Champions feel connected to all of life. They nurture this connection through time in nature, love of certain animals, plants, or landscapes, and work or volunteer to help protect our life support system.
  3. Resilience: There are many barriers to achieving our goals, and these include limiting beliefs, habits, old paradigms, and social norms and conditioning. Earth Champions are pioneers who break these obstacles down and build resilience in the face of opposition.
  4. Love: When fear is overcome, and purpose is known, all that remains to guide right action is love. Earth Champions embody love for self and all life, and serve the planet with compassion and humility.

So, are you an Earth Champion, and if so, how do you nurture yourself as you make positive impacts for the Earth? I do it by meditating twice a day, playing brain balance games, and being outside in nature. Share your self-compassion and self-care habits with me in the comments!


Earth Champions are true to themselves, and overcome obstacles to serve the Earth with love. Photo Credit: Ryan Moreno on Unsplash.

Earth Champions are true to themselves, and overcome obstacles to serve the Earth with love. Photo Credit: Ryan Moreno on Unsplash.




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